Lahore University of Management Sciences


Technology Guide for New Faculty at LUMS

On behalf of Information Systems And Technology (IST), welcome to the Lahore University of Management Sciences! As a member of the LUMS community, you have access to a wide range of computing resources designed to enhance your day-to-day experience on campus and support you in your academic endeavors. Please explore all of the following sections to familiarize yourself with the computing environment present at LUMS.

Your personal LUMS Account gives you access to the Internet via Ethernet, dial-up or wireless connections and 1.5GB mailbox on the LUMS email system and access to all software systems at LUMS.

Computing Resources

Each Faculty is authorized a high-end branded desk top machine for their computing purposes. Faculty may also request Laptops for periodic or permanent use.

Additionally, Faculty may request additional computing resources, such as dedicated printers, scanners or more computers after approval of their Head of Departments. In any case, Faculty may also request and reserve any machine or multimedia equipment for temporary use by the IST.

Support for Teaching and Research

Currently, Zambeel accessible at allows the following features for the LUMS Faculty (among the many more):

  • Course Enrollment
  • Class Roster
  • Assignment Announcements & Submission
  • GradeBook

Follow this URL and access it with your LUMSNET credentials. You are encouraged to explore all features. IST is dedicated to helping faculty use technology in their teaching and research. We help faculty with all levels of experience. Call us at 5722670-9 (x4140/4149) or email at

If you are interested in learning more about a new teaching technology, come see our staff at IST.

Computer Class rooms

You can reserve a computer Lab on the second Floor of the library building when your students need to use a computer during class. These Labs have an extensive collection of software. You can explore what softwares we have or you can request the set up of any other software that you wish to employ.

Course Web Sites

You can have a separate account for each course that you teach. Course Web sites can be posted on Sakai - the LUMS course management systems or IST can host your website on SAKAI makes it easy to post information for the students in your class and add online activities such as bulletin boards and quizzes. Public website take a bit more work and you will most likely have to hire a dedicated TA to manage this website. Nevertheless this option is available to Faculty.

If you are unsure about the option that you would like to avail for course management purposes, feel free to contact You will be delegated to the deployment official who can help you on the best ways to meet your pedagogical goals.

Our helpdesk also offers support with all types of content production. You may contact help desk and find out how to scan pictures or slides, use image files, build Web sites in Dreamweaver and create PDF files, just to name a few. To make an appointment, call 5722670 (x4140/4149).

Security and Privacy

We provide anti-virus applications, email clients, browsers and other software to the Faculty at LUMS community. The award winning McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and VirusScan Enterprise software are used to ensure the protection of computers all over the LUMS network.

Security policies pertaining to virus definition updates and product upgrades are implemented using ePolicy Orchestrator. It is also used to generate infection reports so that swift action may be taken to clean any infected machines.

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator tested with McAfee VirusScan Enterprise recently received the Windows IT PRO's Editor's Choice award in a comparison of some of the industry's leading policy based management products.

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise uses the award-winning McAfee scanning engine to detect and clean malware, and to protect systems from spyware, rootkits, viruses, worms, Trojans, and other online threats.

VirusScan Enterprise also contains functionality for anti-virus, anti-spyware, host intrusion prevention, and firewalls for protection from known and unknown threats. This includes targeted hacker and buffer overflow attacks.

Thus, our network security team is constantly working to ensure that the LUMS computer network is safe from any virus threats.